The Tratok Token

Blockchain technology leveraged to add value to the travel and tourism industry

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What is Tratok

The Tratok token is a unique token which will be used on the Tratok Travel application to make bookings for travel and tourism services. Be it reserving a hotel room, booking a flight or renting a car, this multiplatform application will result in more economical, hassle-free arrangements for clients and service providers alike. By using blockchain technology to disrupt the existing business model, Tratok offers significant advantages over existing conventional platforms. Principally, it lowers transaction fees, eradicates the need for middlemen, saves time on bookings and results in more profit for service providers and savings for consumers. With stakeholder experience as the main priority, the Tratok project seeks to revolutionise the USD 7.6 Trillion travel and tourism sector and set a new standard.


Cost Transparency

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the price represented to an individual is not the final price that the consumer is asked to pay. Often w.....

The Inefficient “Middleman”

In the 21st century, the majority of us are capable of finding information for ourselves. It defies logic that there should still be a “Middleman..

Refunds And Fund Freezing

Issues with the reclamation of payments for cancellation has remained a consistent problem with electronic reservations. This is for a multitude .....

Extreme Transaction Costs

Online reservations, despite the client doing the majority of the work, have significant transaction fees. Among these fees include charges impos.....

Foreign Currency Exposure

Due to fluctuations in currencies, in conjunction with mark-ups that financial institutions provide on foreign currency transactions, purchases i.....

Communication Problems

Communication remains another shortcoming. Whether you are getting in contact regarding a cancellation, a refund or for any other reason, it can .....

Latest news

The public asks, “Why do Tratok do things differently?” The reason? Tratok wants to succeed.
August 9, 2018

The vision behind the Tratok token has always been to make travel and tourism more cost-effective, transparent, free of fraud and fairer to all relevant stakeholders. This mission has always.....

Project Update
May 9, 2018

As the project continues to move forward, management feels that it is appropriate to share an update with the community on the progress towards realizing the project's goals. Please find bel.....

New features added to the Tratok Project following community feedback.
April 6, 2018

The team behind the Tratok Project genuinely believe in our product's ability to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry. Our goal is to build a needed service that addresses the requi.....

New milestone achieved
March 26, 2018

Today the team at Tratok are delighted to announce that we have reached a new milestone, ahead of schedule. The company Tratok Ltd has been formally incorporated in line with all the require.....

Regulation is good for projects like Tratok
February 16, 2018

There has recently been a lot of buzz generated in recent weeks concerning regulation of Cryptocurrencies and whether such an eventuality is good or bad for the concept. The team behind Trat.....

The Tratok Project is hiring
February 14, 2018

Seeking employment and wish to join a dynamic and productive team? Do you have ambition and take pride in doing the best job that you can? Due to progress being faster than forecasted, we ar.....

New website launched
February 5, 2018

The team keeps making progress with Tratok and we are delighted to launch our website today. Doing so gives us a platform to help share our vision to revolutionize the travel and tourism ind.....

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