A few thoughts from the Team before Tratok’s November 14th launch announcement

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We are happy to report that over the last fortnight, pilot tests were successfully conducted involving seven different groups from Europe composed of thirteen individuals from five different countries and seven different major European cities.

Despite the issues of Covid-19, the tests were performed flawlessly with universally positive feedback from all participants and some very constructive feedback which is being implemented into the system by the developers as we write. Most encouraging was not just the smooth and hassle-free operations side but also the ease of use that clients found with the system. Indeed, one gentleman was able to travel without any issue, despite not speaking English! This is a most encouraging sign and as the platform evolves into a multi-lingual platform, we expect this to become even easier.

Equally encouraging was the response from service providers who were delighted by the financial benefits they received. Trade receivables were delivered within 24 hours compared to the current industry standard which ranges from 90-180 days and margins were increased on average by 28.2%. Understandably, they are delighted with these results, especially during these very difficult times and they are eager to welcome more members of the Tratok ecosystem, which at the time of writing has grown to 1.6 million verified users. Initially signups had reached over 3 million during this period, but the team has deleted 1.4 million unverified accounts which were created either for the purposes of spam or for the purpose of cheating for the lifetime holiday prize. As always, Tratok puts user experience and genuine support base rather than focusing on inflated appearances which contributes no value.

There were also many positives mentioned about the UAE from many of the pilot guests, principally:

  • The high level of safety and confidence they felt with regards to health.
  • The level of public cleanliness and security which they have felt is unmatched.
  • Over two thirds of the testers commented that they would not have considered making the journey if not for Tratok. This is incredibly constructive towards our ambitions to become an indispensable cog in the tourism ecosystem here.

There have also been many significant developments which effect the project in a positive way. The lifetime holiday prize promotion has been a resounding success, not just among the blockchain enthusiasts but also among the wider public. This is not only highlighted by the exponential rate of signups in the travel ecosystem, but also a leviathan sized increase in readership of the actual project portal and technology.

If one looks past all the hype and speculative nonsense and looks at honest statistics, the growth since September has been nothing short of impressive:

We are now at the stage where if one looks at unbiased and unmanipulated third party statistics, the levels of demographic reach and user engagement not only now eclipse all others in the blockchain space, but also begin to approach traditional businesses which have been in travel and tourism for more than a decade. And the good news is, we have not even started to get serious yet and have deployed less than 0.4% of Tratok’s marketing budget.

Looking forward, we simply advise everyone to count down the hours until the 14th of November. A launch event of such prestige has been conducted less than a handful of times in the blockchain technology sector and we look forward to sending a strong message to the industry.

Reflecting over 2020, it is true that there have been many challenges, but the team focused on core values of business enhancement to deliver a product which sets a new standard. We go into the launch with the following strengths on our side:

  • Products with significant advantages rather than simply promised changes which never materialized.
  • A product that has been tested and endorsed by key industry stakeholders.
  • Ownership of partnerships that others can only dream of.
  • Compliance with the regulators and authorities.
  • Security features which were implemented two years ahead of the rest of the industry.
  • Congestion workarounds implemented two years ahead of the rest of the industry.
  • A userbase of enthusiastic supporters.
  • Licenses to operate as a legal entity.

To summarize the future looks very bright and with 52 new hires scheduled between now and the 5th of January 2021, we have no intention of slowing down. We would like to advise all our stakeholders to prepare their brightest and biggest smiles. Things are about to get interesting and go to a whole different level,

Best wishes from all of us at Tratok Ltd and Tratok Portal LLC.