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Unfortunately, it is often the case that the price represented to an individual is not the final price that the consumer is asked to pay. Often when making a reservation online the initial total cost is hidden from the client until they have gone through the whole process and effectively are at the final check out. It is only then after they have committed much of their time to filling out information and perfecting their reservation, that they are presented with the genuine cost. This is not only misinformation but is also time-consuming. Regularly the consumer will change their mind when they see that fees are substantially higher than what they initially believed in.

This represents an even greater problem when one considers that different countries and different services will be subject to different fees. Indeed, holidaymakers will usually decide to pick between one destination over another based on price without knowledge that the price will substantially change. This can be further complicated when prices are displayed in different currencies. Having a standard full price at the initial selection would not only be the fairest way to display the genuine cost but would also allow consumers to make a more informed decision when choosing a destination and a service.

The existing and ineffective current pathway:

The efficient pathway: