The Inefficient “Middleman”

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In the 21st century, the majority of us are capable of finding information for ourselves. It defies logic that there should still be a “Middleman” charging large commissions for information that we are able to retrieve with a few clicks of the mouse. By having a platform which will directly connect the consumer and provider with a standardized and transparent minimal fee, transaction costs will be significantly reduced. This will result in a lower cost for the buyer and greater profit for the service provider. It is nonsensical that despite all transactions having the same effort to process that the price model reflects the value of the transaction rather than the process itself. There should be one flat fee which is transparent and which is shown to all parties involved in transactions. This is the fairest way to do things in a free market and it has to be the way forward because consumers will no longer tolerate being overcharged for minimal efforts on the part of “facilitators”.