A second chance to change more people’s lives for the better!

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As promised in the last update, we are launching a second round of Tratok’s holiday per year for life for two more lucky winners and their partners. We received a lot of excellent feedback from the community about new methods to implement with regards to earning additional tickets. Rest assured that the suggestion that holders of large amounts of tokens be eligible for further entries, will NOT be implemented. Tratok is here for the world and we wish to reward participation from all members, not just the rich.  Therefore, the terms are effectively the same as the previous round (with the sole addition that those who have already won last month’s draw will not be eligible to win a second time). You may find the updated terms and conditions by clicking here. A few things to note:

  • Tickets earned from the referral in the first round will be carried over.
  • Tickets earned from activities done earlier will remain counted and will not need to be repeated.
  • Entries in the first draw are carried over and will not need to be re-entered.

To participate again in this promotion; please click the following link.

We would also like to take this opportunity to give a short update on the health of the ecosystem:

  • We need another six to eight weeks to finish onboarding the remaining hotel rooms. Featuring more than one million rooms is not an easy task and is quite labour intensive to get online, reviewed and approved by the relevant partners. With large parts of the world being on lockdown, we are doubling our efforts domestically.
  • We will be pilot testing the cruise liners in March (possible April to allow contingency for any unforeseen complications. We will be asking for test pilots from the community again, please if you are able to make the effort do so, you will have unforgettable memories and play a vital part in helping Tratok expand).
  • We have hired 12 new resources full time; however, we intend to increase this multiple fold over the course of the month. The effects of Covid on the hospitality sector has resulted in multiple talented individuals with expertise in the industry having their services available and this has helped us a great deal.
  • We have only one last document to clear with regards to regulation.

From all of us here at Tratok, we wish everyone good fortune in the draw ahead. Thank you all for your continued support.