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Tratok is going to RAM the industry and shake its foundations. It is Relevant, Adoptable, Mutually beneficial.


  • The project addresses real problems and fixes them with a viable solution.

  • The project is focused on a growth industry that has staying power. The travel and tourism sector will be ever present and continue to grow with an expectation that it will contribute 11.7% of global GDP by 2027.

  • The team assembled for the project have the necessary expertise and industry connection to maximise the chances of success. More information on the team members will be available on the Tratok website.


  • The technology exists for the App to be created across multiple platforms.

  • Rational clients will embrace the new App for the simplicity and economic benefits.

  • Rational suppliers will embrace the new App for the economic benefits and access to a wide pool of global consumers.

  • Initial consumers will rush to the app for the rewards granted to early adopters. (more information available in coin distribution below).

Mutually Beneficial:

  • More economical for all stakeholders.

  • More time efficient for all stakeholders.

  • Project management's financial success is closely tied to the success of the project, with no sell clauses on their token holdings (see coin distribution).

  • The project will earn revenue based on flat and transparent transactions per fee, charged in Tratok. Therefore the company's success is directly tied to ensuring superior stakeholder user experiences to ensure the service continues to be used.

The Tratok token solves the travel and tourism sector's problems by powering a purpose designed multi-platform application which can link consumers with suppliers. Both stakeholders will register and be matched appropriately in the digital marketplace. Real time prices would be offered to be settled at the time with all fees and transaction costs displayed from the start for full transparency.

The Token:

The token, Tratok will be an ERC20 compliant token based on Ethereum with 5 decimal places, the lowest volume being 0.00001. This allows us to take advantage of Ethereum’s Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree (GHOST) protocol, allowing for faster block creation times without endangering the integrity or security of the blockchain. This results in faster and safer transactions.

The Application:

Tratok distribution:

Tratok will be distributed as shown in the diagram below. Such distribution is efficient and chosen for a number of reasons. It rewards early backers of the project, early users of the application and considers corporate social responsibility via donations to educational institutions. In addition, as explained earlier, it ties the overwhelming amount of employee and management capital to the success of the project ensuring an on going drive to achieve the projects goals.

The total supply of Tratok will be 100 Billion (100,000,000,000) tokens. Such a large volume is required to prevent hoarding and is sufficient to match the value of transactions in the sector.


* 100% of the Tratok will have a two year (24 month) no-sell clause.
** 30% of the Tratok will have a one year (12 month) no-sell clause. 50% of the Tratok will have a two year (24 month) no-sell clause.
*** Tratok will be released on one exclusive exchange intially. There will be a release of 20 billion tokens at the first instance, followed by 150 million tokens released every month for the next 20 calendar months. The tokens will be released from a multi-password protected "Custodian Wallet" whose address shall be made public for the purpose of transparency. This action is reflected in the illustration below. This ensures gradual release onto the market which will prevent oversupply and ensure gradual widespread adoption. In addition, it prevents early adopters hoarding the supply and manipulating the price while allowing continued funding and development of the project. The chart below demonstrates the planned circulation