As we head towards 2021, Tratok hosts an iconic launch party for a world changing product

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If there is a single appropriate word to describe Tratok’s second generation ecosystem launch event, it would have to be “Iconic”. A groundbreaking event, featured by the Dubai Media Office, the Polo Challenge Cup was an event of beauty and great significance.

With two hundred visitors in attendance, it showed the strong support and good will behind Tratok. With a turnout including Ministers, Excellencies and leaders from the hospitality and travel industry, the message was very clear. The industry believes in Tratok and is throwing their support behind the platform. At the same time, there is another equally important message here. The fact that such a large group of people can get together, be safe and have fun delivers an even more important sign. It shows light at the end of the tunnel, the start of return to normal life, the symbolism of which is of crucial importance.

The time of launch is of particular significance as it coincides with several key events in tourism and blockchain which positively impact Tratok:

  • The announcement of multiple vaccines beginning to be made available to the public.
  • The announcement of the reopening of several key travel corridors.
  • The announcement of the final regulations of Digital Assets, Tokens and Cryptocurrencies from the SCA.
  • The announcement on the legality of ownership of Digital Assets and Digital Wallets by members of the public in the UAE.
  • The appointment of several of our C-level team members as contributors towards public education in the Emirates about blockchain technology, a testament to their recognition as being among the world’s leading authorities on the subject.

So how are we capitalizing on these developments and making the most of them? Allow us a moment to clarify the next stages and significant milestones that are immediately in front of us:

  • Over the next few days, you will see a structured and deliberate roll out of the ecosystem in multiple languages. Initially the available languages (in addition to English) will be Arabic, French, German and Spanish to cater to user requirements, with the plan to launch in Chinese, Japanese and Russian in Q1 2021.
  • On the week commencing Sunday 10th of January, we expect to launch a wealth of promising developments including:
    1. Announcement of the winners of the holiday per year for life prize. The draw will be conducted on the 5th of January, but the results broadcast the following week, to allow proper KYC and vetting of the winners.
    2. Announcement and commencement of trading on regulated premier tier exchanges. We expect this to be smooth and efficient and to start without delay, but allow up to 20 working days contingency to accommodate any unforeseen delays with compliance etc. Two exchanges are global and ranked in the top five globally by genuine volume, the third is a regional growing and fully regulated exchange.
    3. Announcement of new partnerships with two global hotel chains, introducing a wealth of benefits to be exclusively provided to Tratok users, arguably our largest benefit for clients yet!
    4. Deployment of a global cruise liner on the ecosystem.
    5. Deployment of two global car rental companies, accommodating both economy and extreme luxury vehicles.
    6. Most importantly, we will be conducting the full launch of the Ecosystem for unrestricted use by clients and individual service providers.

The team does have more in the pipeline, but since we cannot give a 95% confident answer or timeline on other developments, it is best not to announce them until our next update.

Finally, on behalf of the team here at Tratok, we wish to thank all the members of the community for their support. It is with your help that we have been able to:

  • Demonstrate to the world that privately funded venture can meet and exceed expectations and far outclass publicly funded noise makers. Products are better than promises, results are better than hype.
  • Build an ecosystem which features 1.2 million rooms in 153 different countries.
  • Build a community of almost two million verified users from 91 different countries.
  • Build direct partnerships with GREs and leading chains in the industry, partnerships which nobody else has.
  • Test the product and via 890 successful deployments not only prove to the industry that Tratok works, but even enhance the product incrementally and maintain our significant lead and advantage over the industry.
  • Fight fraud and ignorance that is rampant in the industry and win. Despite the efforts of corrupt exchanges, organized fraud gangs, confidence tricksters, chancers and even dishonest community moderators, Tratok is among a handful in the industry that stood its ground and emerged respected and successful. May argue that this was mainly due to a combination of investment in security features, revolutionary smart contract features, zero tolerance of dishonest behavior and a refusal to give kickbacks to corrupt commentators and forum moderators/owners. However, the team recognize the importance of the few thousand community members who showed integrity and honesty and patience to stand by Tratok in pushing back against those seeking to abuse the project. You played a vital part and this is your success as well!
  • Most importantly, your efforts have helped us deliver this revolutionary product to the world without utilizing a single penny from public sources.

The industry owes each and every one of you a great deal of thanks.  Now, without further delay, please let us share with you some footage from the event so that those of you who were not able to attend in person can take a moment to enjoy the big day, one that belongs to all of us. Nobody in the blockchain sector has ever had an event of such beauty and scope, let alone during these difficult times. Tratok continues to set the standard higher:

Bring on 2021 and the great things that await,

Tratok Ltd and Tratok Portal LLC management.