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Please read take a moment to read this page as it covers FAQ’s in a few moments and saves the chat from being cluttered and disorganized:

When is the next airdrop?

10 January 2019 as shown here

When is the ICO?

There will be no ICO. The Tratok Project did not need public funding for development and hence as a result, there was no need for an ICO. Instead, airdrops are used to ensure public distribution of the token and widespread adoption over time, building the community and enhancing the chances of success.

Will Tratok be listed in the exchanges?

Yes, this is being worked with multiple exchanges and the team expects Tratok to be listed shortly. Exchanges will be announced as the token is finalized.

At what price will Tratok be listed?

Regarding the price, nobody can definitely tell you what it will trade at and where it will go. This depends on liquidity, supply vs demand and progress with the project. Nobody can give you a more straight reply”.

What can I do to help as a member of the community?

Help spread the word. The Tratok Project offers real solutions to existing problems and will make the travel and tourism more efficient for the primary stakeholders. However, the public needs to be made aware that such a game-changing platform and business model is on its way!

You can help by participating in our Bitcoin Talk thread and leaving feedback on our Etherscan page. Everyone has a voice. Make your’s matter and count!

Also please note:

This is a blunt but honest notice to all members. If you have not taken the time to read into the project then perhaps this is not the community for you. This is an ambitious and serious project funded by its founders with a specific strategic plan. Actions like signing up for airdrop without reading the date or details is not an encouraging sign. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt and change the face of many sectors and industries. For those who simply want to make a few dollars quickly from speculation without taking the time to read into projects, the Tratok Project perhaps is not suitable for you. Thanks for understanding.

Tratok Ltd is more interested in the success of this project that simple quick profit or speculation. Hence why our feasibility studies lead us to take this unorthodox strategy. This is a project that seeks to change the travel and tourism industry over the medium and long-term and is not just another hype opportunist effort to get on the cryptomania bandwagon. We understand that due to the hype of the industry that there are many who just want to cash out quickly and not look back. In our opinion, this is a very short sighted and regretful approach that will ultimately cause those with a lack of vision to miss out.