Don’t believe the hype! The numbers are fake! Tratok is not growing!

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Tratok has always been different. In an industry that is overcrowded with fraud, we have always ensured we champion technology and products and results over bogus promises and magic beans and exit scams to sunny islands. We are known for doing what others only promise to do. As such we wish to be clear with the public on a matter that we think is of vital importance.

Recently, many have gotten excited over the fact that since January 2020, there have been over 212,000 new signups on This is not correct and 84% (at the 95 % confidence interval) of these accounts are fake. Therefore they have been deleted and banned. This action was taken in line with our strong anti-fraud and transparency stance. We are anti-hype and deception and do not want anyone to be misled on our level of growth.

To be fully transparent, there have been ONLY 34,307 new users signing up in the last three weeks. For an app that the Playstore finally launched on January 21, 2020 (only 21 days ago), this is impressive in itself and it is only the beginning!

Anyway, we identified the responsible party as a bot gang with members operating in Vietnam and Indonesia. We also identified their motives. These disillusioned people thought by botting their way through the first one million accounts, they would get the majority of the signup bonus allocated to this marketing incentive. At the same time, they expected that such inflated numbers would “pump” the price. If only these botters actually read the terms of service, they would see that the bonus is applicable for travelling needs only and their discovery of a source of infinite wealth was no discovery at all. We find it surprising that people make the effort to build online submission scripts and spend money on captcha breakers, but did not even take the time to read the first line of the promotion page.

We would like to be clear a few things:

  1. Tratok stands on its own merits. The ecosystem is up and running and has already been used for intercontinental travel and vacationing. This separates Tratok from any other ecosystem in the niche. The others who are years behind schedule, guilty of misappropriation of millions of dollars raised from the public and quite frankly going nowhere, wish they had 5% of the development Tratok does. We know it, the public knows it and they know it. Tratok does not need to rely on hype and trickery. We understand that many in this space lack the intelligence or wisdom and vision to actually understand blockchain is changing the world. We ask them to keep their dishonest tactics to themselves. We do not want this sort of help. We can think and plan more than five minutes ahead. We are not you.
  2. Tratok is against all these pump and dump schemes and the criminals who run them. We believe in legitimate and value-adding business and that is what we are building.
  3. We do not need or want people fraudulently generating accounts to try to make the project look bigger. The same way we are against the use of spambots and ban anyone caught using them on any social media platform. It takes less than 10 seconds to catch and ban such activity. Be honest, if the people doing this were clever they wouldn’t spend their time trying to defraud projects, they would put your skills to work building value. They also wouldn’t try to spam out 100,000 accounts in the same week. The people doing this are not clever, they are desperate criminals and like all such villains are broken easily.
  4. Such selfish groups already ruined it for their respective countries with such behaviour in the past, getting entire nations banned from most legitimate projects. Rest assured they won’t ruin it for them at Tratok. We implement technology that allows us to identify good sources from bad. We believe in our ecosystem and community and have therefore invested in protecting it.

With this clarified, let’s talk about what is happening next. From our side, we will be welcoming the first guests from Africa in March as well as another round of European tourists. Candidates from the ecosystem have already been selected. This an important milestone as it will be the first practical application of Tratok being used for air travel, accommodation and car rental and activities. By bringing together three continents and providing for all travel and tourism needs, Tratok will end the first quarter much closer to being the world’s travel token.