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One of the easiest ways to get around when traveling is of course via automobile. While for short distances one can resort to the use of a public taxi (another ambition for Tratok to implement), should your needs be longer-term it can be far more economical to have your own method of transportation at your disposal.

Seeing as how it is very unlikely that you packed one in your suitcase, Tratok is happy to accommodate. Today the Team is proud to announce the implementation of the car and transport rental service module into the overall travel ecosystem. Over the last two years, we have been working out partnerships with service providers in order to bring the best deals to consumers and over the last quarter we have been hard at work on implementation. After two months of testing, which started in July, we are proud to announce the deployment of this module. Whatever your destination, budget, party size, transmission preference or support for EVs, Tratok is sure to have the right offer available for you.


So what does our inventory look like at present?

Cities Serviced: 3,174

Locations Serviced: 30,971

Cars Available: 116,144




Please drive safely. All packages come with insurance, but your well being is more important to the Tratok Ecosystem than a car!