Finishing 2020 on a strong note

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Following approval from the General Counsel of Tratok Ltd and Tratok Portal LLC, management is happy to announce that trading can now resume. We are delighted to report that we are fully compliant with the newest regulations that are being enforced.

As such, the team have contacted the exchanges to request they re-enable trading at their earliest convenience. Furthermore, we are also happy to announce the following schedule with regards to Tratok’s travel ecosystem:

  • September 2020: Senior Managament and Advisors will be hosting fortnightly webinars at which they will discuss new developments, enhacements and progress. These will be public webinars to which the community is invited to attend and ask questions.
  • October 2020: Further pilot tests will be conducted for the flights, accommodation, car rental and experience modules of the ecosystem. The pilot subjects will be existing users of Tratok and be composed individuals and family units from Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • 14th November 2020: Tratok will be hosting 300+ senior hospitality members at a launch party in the UAE to commemorate live deployment of the ecosystem. An incredibly special announcement will be made at this event.
  • December 2020: Initial low-level live launch of the ecosystem. The number of bookings per module will be limited to a few dozen per day. The purpose for this will be to identify teething problems and areas of enhancement to improve the UI
  • January 2021: Full deployment of the ecosystem as well as the live prize draw for the lucky winners of the holiday a year for life.