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Tratok stands at the threshold of unprecedented success, with the potential to join the elite ranks of startups that have ascended to become Unicorns, commanding multi-billion-dollar valuations. What sets Tratok apart is the embodiment of two key principles that have consistently propelled startups to this extraordinary level of achievement over the last three years:

Tratok disrupts the industry and creates new value by leveraging the ecosystem features.
  1. Disruptive Technology and Business Model: Tratok’s innovative approach is set to revolutionize the industry, challenging traditional norms and paving the way for unparalleled growth and market dominance.
  2. Ignored Threat by Industry Stakeholders: Despite the seismic shift that Tratok represents, existing industry stakeholders are underestimating the disruptive potential, creating an opportunity for visionary investors to capitalize on this untapped potential.

To achieve remarkable success, we recognize the need for realistic expectations, effective governance, and a compelling articulation of our vision. While Tratok may not currently be the leader in every aspect of the industry, our focus lies in deployment of a unified system that prioritizes the user experience over technical accolades. Our unwavering commitment is evident in our ambitious goal to facilitate $2.5 billion in hospitality transactions within the next three years. This is not just a projection but a testament to our dedication to revolutionizing the industry and delivering exceptional value to all stakeholders.

The future of the hospitality industry is rife with opportunity, and Tratok is poised to revolutionize the landscape. Despite contributing to 9.2% of global GDP in 2023 and projected to grow to 11.6% by 2033, the industry is burdened with numerous challenges. These challenges, from excessive commissions to opaque pricing, hinder the growth of both service providers and the experience of clients. Tratok’s innovative hospitality ecosystem directly addresses these issues and many more, providing a solution that has been validated through nearly one thousand pilot tests. By tackling problems such as forced pricing, membership fees, and lack of transparent pricing, Tratok is paving the way for a more efficient and transparent hospitality industry. The potential for growth and disruption in this space is immense, and Tratok is at the forefront of this transformative change.

Framing the challenge:

Tratok has to maximize its valuation and revenue by adding API functionality the wider hospitality ecosystem, opening the door for seamless integration with other systems and empowering developers to unleash their creativity.

We have seen this model work with the most successful FinTechs and TechFins. Having studied the most recent and relevant test cases, it becomes apparent that we want Tratok to be the T in Fantabulous.

F – Facebook

A – Apple

N – Netflix

T – Tratok

A – Amazon

B – Baidu

U – Uber

L – LinkedIn

O – Oracle

U – Unity

S – Samsung

To achieve this ambitious goal, Tratok will focus on expanding its user base by highlighting the lifestyle benefits for travelers and the business advantages for service providers within its ecosystem. In a groundbreaking move, all hotels on the Tratok network will pay 0% commission for the first year, setting the stage for unprecedented growth and attracting a wave of new clients. This strategic investment is backed by our already established infrastructure and represents minimal risk to our bottom line.

But that’s just the beginning. Tratok is not content with mere numbers; we are committed to enriching the user experience with unparalleled lifestyle benefits and perks such as complimentary breakfast, late check-out, and free upgrades – setting a new standard for customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, we are gearing up to release an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that will streamline the booking process, capturing valuable data and enhancing our ecosystem at minimal cost. This strategic move will create a ripple effect of positive feedback, attracting more users and driving exponential growth.

Now while all of this may sound so fantastic that it borders on fantasy, Tratok has a series of strengths to draw on the help achieve this vision.


Tratok has ample strengths to assist in achievement of these goals:

  1. Boasting established partnerships with service providers, Tratok is positioned to leverage a network of support and resources that will drive success.
  2. With existing incorporation in investor-friendly jurisdictions, Tratok is primed to thrive in a conducive business environment.
  3. Backed by qualified legal opinions in the incorporated jurisdiction and the US, Tratok offers a solid foundation of legal certainty and compliance.
  4. Tratok’s existing platform has been rigorously tested in the industry, ensuring reliability and performance that stakeholders can count on.
  5. Through existing agreements with liquid capital markets, Tratok is poised to access the funding necessary to fuel its growth and expansion.
  6. Led by a strong and experienced team, Tratok is guided by visionaries and experts who are dedicated to achieving unparalleled success. We have taken the best people from various fields and set them free.
  7. Tratok is Greenlife and agile in the cloud. This makes scalability very easy compared with legacy systems.
  8. Tratok has a funding pot rather than repeated raised funding rounds. This cuts down on bureaucracy and risk aversion inspired delays.
  9. Tratok has a mixed-economy with many service providers in many geographic locations. This poses far less risk than having a single supplier.
  10. Tratok is cost-efficient with technology efficiencies that allow the ecosystem to operate with 8% of the staffing requirement of traditional ecosystems.


Following a period of inertia from our old leadership, the new team is now focused on commencing our listings and marketing efforts and getting people travelling. We ask the community to continue to support us during this period where we will constantly seek improvement and refinement. Tratok has culturally changed and is accepting past failures as a learning experience and with a vow to do better than ever before. You can all expect regular updates from the team as we proceed with execution of our new strategy. We also pledge to introduce new measures that will allow participation for each and every single user and partner of Tratok as well as increase transparency.