The Tratok Project comes one step closer to connecting the world

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The Tratok Project’s first airdrop scheduled for October 1st 2018 has been successfully completed

More than 658 million Tratok was airdropped to 6986 registered wallets in this milestone achievement for the project. This gives each new holder an average of just over 94148 Tratok Tokens.

The benefits of conducting operations in this way are that it allows early supporters of the project and community members to be rewarded sufficiently for their embracement and backing of Tratok, while at the same time leaving sufficient tokens to ensure widespread adoption over the medium term. This ensures stable release onto the market which will prevent initial oversupply and ensure gradual widespread adoption. In addition, it prevents early adopters hoarding the supply and manipulating the price which would be detrimental to the long-term development goals of the project.

The next airdrop will be in December 2018 (specific date to be announced shortly) at which an additional 1 billion Tratok (1,000,000,000 TRAT) will be airdropped from Tratok Ltd’s holdings to those who register for the airdrop. While the average drop for each registered wallet is likely to be reduced in contrast to the initial airdrop, as we expect significantly more wallets to be registered, late participants and community supporters can earn additional tokens by joining the free referral program.

In addition, the Tratok project’s Chairman will shortly be announcing a listing agreement for TRAT at a major exchange. It is our hope that by creating a secondary market for the utility token, that community interest will be maintained and real-time value can be seen as it is added by project progress, business relationships and additional milestones achieved.

Once again the team would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for its unwavering support and belief in this project and shall continue to strive to achieve the project goals and disrupt the travel and tourism industry for the benefit of key stakeholders.

Proof of airdrop on 1st October 2018 can be verified by using the explorer below:

Please note out of respect for the community and launch of the referral program, there will be an additional airdrop tomorrow morning (2nd October 2017). This airdrop will credit those who signed up today but missed the initial airdrop due to time constraints. This measure is being taken in the spirit of community fairness and with the purpose of maximizing distribution of the token among those who support the project.

N.B. Existing subscribers are already eligible for future airdrops and do not need to subscribe again.