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In our previous article, we showcased Warren Buffet’s decision to sell all his airline stocks in the face of the pandemic. To many, the decision of this investment guru to give up on the travel and tourism industry, came as a sign of defeat. It may have scared you. At Tratok, we prefer to look at the word crisis in its original definition, from the Greek “turning point in a disease”. We believe in the future of travel, but we know the present diseased model needs to be disrupted, revolutionized for it to succeed. As one of the fastest-growing industries, travel and tourism had already provided US$ 2.6 trillion to Global GDP in 2016 and indirect contributions amounting to an excess of US$ 7.6 trillion – that is 292 million jobs. Estimations are that by 2027, Tourism & Travel can amount to 11.4 of Global GDP, with massive global transition from poverty to middle class expected in Russia, India and China. 

With 10,000 new token holders and a significant increase in the value of the Tratok Utility Token, we see that you too are betting travel and tourism and on Tratok and we thank you for it. For us, your betting on us is not about money but about the trust we are receiving from the world – trust to do a better job, trust to help more people and trust to offer an even better return. We are a young Team, doing something people have never tried. We believe that if you don’t do it, nothing is possible, but if you try to do it, at least you have hope.

“Trust” is an important word and it is at the core of everything we do. Creating trust but also restoring it, where it has been destroyed. In e-commerce, where there is no face to face interaction, the most important thing is trust. You give your money to someone you don’t see; they give their service to someone they don’t see. This can only happen if there is transparency and credit – something we have been able to guarantee through the transparency of the Blockchain. Blockchain technology has also allowed us to offer tiny fees, allowing small cash-poor entities in the industry everywhere to gain access to a global market.