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An open letter to the community from Custodian and Senior Advisor Mohammed Altajir

As we approach the end of our social promotion program, I wanted to take the time to write to those of you who were a part of our airdrops in November 2018 and social program commenced distribution on 20th March 2019.

Since inception Tratok has come a long way, despite the efforts of many tried to harm the project. Despite this, we persevered and without the public funding of an ICO not only got the platform developed but also got Tratok listed in several exchanges and increased in value.


We did this overcoming:

  1. A massive amount of fraudsters seeking to scam the project.
  2. Sabotage from corrupt elements of the blockchain community. (For example, the corrupt team at Bitcointalk will allow proven fake teams to scam people via ICO’s and allow people to insult with four-letter words but delete our verified team information, licenses and lock our thread. Why did they do this? Because the rest of the corrupt ecosystem complains to them that our success has made them look bad. Goes to show that as long as they get paid their “cut” by these conmen, they are willing to let them steal from all of you. Afterall they don’t want you to find a project with a future, that would make you stop looking there for “the moon”).
  3. Only receiving support and encouragement from 2% of the community. (Let’s face it 98% of the people didn’t even take ten seconds to read what the token’s name is).


We succeeded because:

  1. We always did the right thing. Be it spending thousands of dollars of our own money and thousands of hours of manpower to do diligent KYC instead of banning entire countries (something other projects have done).
  2. We have a real use case and the potential to change the world and we are working towards it.
  3. We have a team with a proven track record that has experience in achieving success against the odds.
  4. Because although only a small percentage, those who understood the project made the difference.


What is next?

Well if you are still reading this, that is a good sign. Firstly, you aren’t one of the misguided who sold for 1 gwei after the airdrop. However, it’s more important because you care.

  1. Tratok’s business to business development will continue and our plan is that by the summer you will be able to use your TRAT to travel on the platform. I look forward to seeing many of you in Dubai.
  2. We are finishing up with listing on more second-tier exchanges, the ones with 100m+ volume a day. Once this is accomplished, we will focus on the top 10 exchanges. We believe in a slow, steady and sustainable approach.
  3. Tratok will aim to educate the wider public. This will be done through a combination of social media, videos, conferences, press releases and road shows. This is crucial to ensure widespread adoption of the token.
  4. Tratok is setting up its own forums so the public can discuss, keep up to date on and be informed about Tratok without distraction or noises from undesirable and dishonest elements.


How can you help?

Look at how far we have come and imagine how much further we can go if we have more of the community supporting us. If you genuinely want to benefit and maximize the value of your Tratok and help change the world for the better, support us. You can do this via social media and helping us get the word out by participating in our future promotions which can be found by visiting:

You have been given free access to what could very well one day be the World’s Travel token. As a stakeholder you have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. If you believe this, then support us. If not, then instant sell for the lowest price on any of the exchanges to someone with more vision. It is entirely your choice.

Best Regards,
Mohammed Altajir, Project Custodian and Senior Advisor.