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The team encourages all holders and supports of Tratok to carefully read this update as it provides vital insights into the project, many of which have deadlines. These include promotion programs to the tune of 14 billion Tratok (14,000,000,000 TRAT), which as of the time of writing has a market value of  $2.55 million (USD).

This month has seen the hiring and deployment of our KYC and Business Support teams finalized as management prepares to list the first UAE based properties on Tratok and verify our first travellers. It has been a challenging road, but as we draw closer to the day when Tratok Ltd can provide a world disrupting service, it is rewarding to see how much has been achieved. So many self-proclaimed experts claimed it was unachievable and failure was inevitable. They could not believe a privately funded venture which refused to take part in the underhanded corruption that’s rampant on the industry could break any ground. Yet, here we are months ahead of schedule despite the odds.

What has helped Tratok succeed was taking the slow, transparent and patient approach with a goal to build a real business rather than simply reap the benefits of hype as so many did. We hope that our example serves to help the learning of others who have similar visions of using the power of blockchain to help solve existing business problems.

So what is next?

Following Tratok being featured on CoinmarketCap, there has been an influx of unsolicited requests, most of which are from exchanges making big promises and asking for large fees. We find this behaviour ridiculous. An exchange with legitimate volume and a large user base do not need to request large six-figure sums when quite simply they can make that much in trading fees over a short period of time if their volume and community are legitimate. Management prefers to spend funds on enhancing the product, business and community and this is the path that will be taken.

Tratok will now take two approaches with regards to this. The aim of these two approaches will be:

To educate the general public. This will be done via the use of a combination of mainstream media to announce business partnerships as well as attendance and sponsorship of relevant sector events and gatherings to educate the primary industry stakeholders. In addition, there exists a campaign and referral program that rewards the first one million users of the Travel Application 10,000 TRAT each as well as a 10% bonus for referrals.

To increase awareness in the cryptocurrency community. This will be a one of a kind unique program with a total bounty pool of 3 billion Tratok (3,000,000,000 TRAT). In this circumstance, Tratok will focus on building up its community and focusing on the forum. The principle behind this will be to build up awareness in the crypto community. To this event there will be three additional promotions:

Tratok will conduct its first airdrop of 2019. Rewarding all who participate with 49,000 TRAT each, in addition to a 10% referral program. This promotion will be open to all countries, but with STRICT KYC protocols. The program will be launched on Sunday 26th May 2019 and run until 31st August 2019.

Tratok will allow the community to publicly take a role as bounty managers and suggest bounty promotion programs on the Tratok forums. The 300 members in the inner circle will then be given a specialised voting token to vote on a few of the suggested programs. Information on this will be posted on the official Tratok forums located at

A Tratok rewards system will be introduced to the forum. It will reward contribution and participation in the community in real time. Tratok earned in such a way can either then be banked for a period of 30 days at an interest rate of 3% per day, or used in a lottery system with other members. We believe this is a fun way for the community to participate and share information. This program will begin effective immediately.

Let us work together as a group to raise public awareness about Tratok and take it to the next level,

Best Wishes,

The Tratok Team