Project Update: The start of a new year and Tratok’s future

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2021 was another challenging year for Tratok, following the extreme challenges posed to the whole hospitality industry during 2020. As far as blockchain disruptors go, Tratok should have been more vulnerable than most due to a combination of the privately funded nature of the project and its focus on the hospitality sector, the sector most ravaged by the Covid19 pandemic.

Thankfully Tratok persevered through this challenge to emerge stronger than ever. While others laid-off employees, Tratok increased its staff headcount by over 300% during this period. In addition, the number of partnerships grew by over 1000% and many additional features were added to the ecosystem. Finally, in the spirit of unity and support for the industry, Tratok in fact conducted many events to support Government tourism initiatives as well as support our various partners in hospitality.

The fact that the privately funded Tratok Project has endured during this most difficult period, while other blockchain initiatives in non-affected sectors with countless millions in funding from the public have evaporated is a testament to the resilience of this company. The Team would like to thank the founders for continuing to fund development and support growth at their own expense and would like to thank all the loyal members of our community for their support and patience during this most challenging period.

Let us share some of the highlights and accomplishments shared during the pandemic:

As the industry evolves to cope with a world where Covid19 is present, Tratok will continue to strive to improve our service and fulfill our dreams of increasing accessibility to travel. The worst is behind us and we can look forward to a prosperous future.

Stay safe everyone,

From all of us at the Tratok Team.