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Join the Tratok Project's Referral Program And Help Reshape Travel and Tourism

In order to help spread the word and maximize adoption of the Tratok troken, a referral program has been developed in order to help raise awareness. The team at Tratok understand that in order for a project to succeed, it must meet several criteria:

1.) It must address and solve existing problems in an industry.
2.) The project must be feasible and deliverable.
3.) The end product must be widely accepted and enjoy mainstread adoption.

To this effect, the team is glad to annouce a referral program that will reward community members and blockchain enthusiats for raising awareness about the Tratok project, its viability and the benefits it brings with its disruption of the travel and tourism industry. We understand that one of the strongest assets that a project can have is the community backing them and wish to encourage the community to participate in educating the world on the benefits of blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt the USD $7.6 trillion travel and tourism industry.

At each of the Tratok Project's subsequent airdrops, for each referred member who registers for the free aidrops, their referrer will be compensated with 5,000 (Five Thousand) Tratok tokens at the next airdrop.

New members can sign up here

Existing referral members can view their statistics here by loging in below:

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