Scam Alert: A gang is targetting the public with old TRATOK

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It has come to our attention following the swap that a certain community attempted to defraud Tratok Ltd and the public. The unofficial “Tratok Africa” chat, set up by so-called supporters appears to have been a highly co-ordinated scam organized with evil intentions. Out of 206 members of this community, 177 (over 85%) attempted to cheat the system following the upgrade of the contract.

As shown and confirmed by the blockchain, and in what is clearly a coordinated action, fraudulent actors attempted to move over their old tokens to the exchanges in order to try to obtain duplicate swaps. Once we became aware of this and halted it, these criminals attempted to defraud the public via the sale of the old tokens through the decentralized exchanges, taking advantage of members of the public who were unaware of the upgrade. In addition, further exploitation of the public was conducted through private sales on social media. We have always discouraged private sales, for exactly this sort of reason.

Tratok has always been a firm supporter of Nigeria and has even conducted multiple treasure hunts there in order to support the community. However, the latest actions of the group and the high level of fraud and swindling directed at the public cannot be ignored. Effective immediately, all 177 of these fraudulent accounts will be blocked from interacting with Tratok’s smart contract, we do not desire these criminal elements to be part of our ecosystem. In addition, Tratok is cancelling all future treasure hunts in Nigeria. In short, we owe it to the public, community and to the honest Nigerian members to ensure that such fraudulent behaviour is filtered out.

Tratok maintains our position of advising the public to be mindful of these scams and avoid private deals with strangers on social media. Rest assured, these fraudulent accounts are being dealt with and will pose ZERO RISK to the ecosystem.

Now with regards to those responsible:

The ringleader of this scam has responded by calling Tratok a scam, the custodian and team drunkards and accusing Tratok’s nation of being backwards and unjust. In addition to this, they have threatened to slander Tratok on social media. Our official response is, go ahead! Tratok will never back down from crooks or give in to blackmail. 

The public can see the following:

  • You can keep your anti-semitic comments to yourself, nobody is interested.
  • The fact that so many of these wallets had the old token shows that they were not NEW to Tratok and that this fraud was organized a while ago.
  • Your group attempted to commit this fraud AFTER you received the new tokens, so claims that it is an excuse to not distribute airdrops is invalid as all can see.
  • The blockchain does not lie and shows 177 out of 206 in your group committed these fraudulent actions. The public can see this, so slander away. By fraudulent actions, we do not mean instant selling (that is someone’s right), we mean trying to commit FRAUD.
  • The public knows Tratok is non-ico funded and can see that the team has not liquidated a single token, EVER. So unless the founders have scammed themselves, you really are firing blanks there.
  • The community chat is full of people crying this morning who have been victims of your scam and private sales.
  • As Tratok continues to grow and thrive, your idle tokens will remain in your wallets idle. As you see them grow in value, it will be a painful memory of the time you and your supporters attempted to defraud an honest project and the public.

So please go ahead and slander us on social media. When the world looks at our zero-tolerance for fraud and sees the correct way we do things, you will actually gain us more support. We welcome, your free publicity.