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The main goal of Tratok’s ecosystem is to make the world a smaller place and make travel more accessible. For this goal to be realized, it is important that we factor in every stakeholder that plays a role at Tratok.

We have already successfully demonstrated that Tratok is able to give consumers a more transparent deal with greater security and lifestyle benefits at more economical prices. However, we have not neglected our service providers. This month’s release of the service provider APIs demonstrates that commitment.

These APIs have multiple benefits, some of which are:

  1. The ability to manage pricing and inventory in under a minute every day.
  2. The ability to view and manage bookings and reservations in under a minute each time.
  3. The ability to integrate Tratok directly into any services CRM system.
  4. The ability for GDS networks to directly integrate Tratok into their services for their existing clients and ensure that in future service providers can onboard in mere moments, thereby increasing the number of services available to our consumers. This comes at no extra cost to the service provider.

The result of this is that service providers will now be able to benefit from Tratok more easily and therefore spend more time on what’s important; hospitality and looking after their guests.

Service providers have already been notified about these updates and can find custom-generated documentation for each of their assets on the ecosystem.

Over the remainder of the year, the team stands committed to constantly adding experience-enhancing features based not just on new technology but also importantly on stakeholder feedback.

Update March 2022: In line with Tratok’s commitment to transparency and ease of use, a demo example of the documentation with examples is provided on Tratok’s GitHub page as requested.