Sharing is caring and Tratok has proven, yet again, that we care!

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Between the 16th and the 20th of November, Tratok performed their final airdrop, distributing 1.3 billion tokens to over 14,200 accounts in just 4 days.

This final airdrop was intended to maximise awareness of the project before the eight-month early launch of the much-awaited Travel platform which is due to be revealed shortly by the Team. Since the inception of the project, Tratok’s strategy of airdropping a controlled number of tokens across a large community is to guarantee widespread adoption of the token as a universal way of paying for the products and services offered on the platform and through the strategic partner network.

The reaction to the airdrop, which was largely targeting the loyal Tratok Telegram community and the referral program that was set up within it, has been mostly positive. Despite excessive attempts to abuse and cheat the system, the Team spent hundreds of hours auditing registrations to ensure that legitimate accounts were rewarded. These efforts have been appreciated by honest members of the community and supporters of the project, who recognize that the extent of Tratok’s commitment to justice and the community.

Healthy trading has resulted across the 3 exchanges where Tratok is listed. Despite temporary expected dips, the price has recovered to pre-airdrop levels and posted gains over the last week despite a significant rout in digital currencies. Trading patterns are rapidly revealing a loyal following of Tratok holders buying up the TRAT sold on the market – confirming a strong belief in the vision of the Tratok Team and Management as well as an acknowledgement of the what has been implemented so far. Indeed, for the first time, the project’s listed market capitalization has exceeded USD 6 million, a significant milestone for a project that was launched without an ICO and was bootstrapped by the founders.

The Team would like to thank the community for its continued support and appreciation of our efforts. We will continue to adhere to high standards that all of you expect from us.