The time for Tratok to change the world is fast approaching!

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The next month will be a busy one for Tratok and its supporters. With so many milestones set to be hit in the coming weeks, the team wanted to adhere to our transparency policy, a new standard we have set in this industry of crooked players and let the public know what is happening next. The team has worked through the weekend and will be working during the next few days (officially public holidays) to ensure all goes smoothly and management wishes to thank each and every one of them on behalf of the Tratok community. With that said, let’s outline what is happening.

Deployment of the third-generation smart contract:

  • The new smart contract will be deployed in the next 24 hours and the token swap is taking place the same week. This took longer than expected as for responsibility reasons, we refuse to integrate any contracts into our ecosystem that have not been checked and tested by three experts.  Doing this would be irresponsible after the world has witnessed many projects failing after being exploited (e.g. The unfortunate conclusion to DAO in June 2016) due to insecure code. It is good that we took these cautionary measures as they identified a potential exploit which has now been fixed. Therefore the delay of two weeks and the funds spent on this diligent study were prudent investments.
  • The exchanges have been contacted to suspend trading and allow the withdrawal of Tratok to user wallets so that they can be swapped. Once this process is complete, the exchanges will update to the new smart contract and resume trading and the acceptance of deposits.
  • Note, the swap will be automated. We wanted to make this as easy as possible for everyone and therefore you do not have to do anything except having Tratok in your wallet when the swap begins. When the swap concludes, you will have both the old and the new tokens in your wallet. 


  • We are still on target for initial launch in Dubai on 18th August 2019.

New listing:

  • We have arranged a listing on a top five exchange which we expect to be completed before the middle of September (2019). This exchange was picked after thorough due diligence and selected due to the genuine volume on the exchange. This will be a real game-changer and expose Tratok to a wider range of blockchain enthusiasts.

New partnerships:

  • Keep an eye on the media and expect many new public signings of technological and strategic partnerships in the coming days (following the public holidays in the UAE).

Promotion Program:

The promotion program will go ahead as scheduled on the 31st August 2019. There are a few things to add here. The team has taken very strong measures to ensure loyalty and tackle fraud. As mentioned in the terms and conditions people agreed to when they signed up, accounts that did not support Tratok would be removed. This is what has happened. Let us be clear on the following:

  • Tratok was created to change the world. Not to give a few cents to botmasters and freeloaders.
  • Accounts that showed no support were banned. The truth is these people never cared and simply wanted free bread and milk money. With the help of real supporters, Tratok made national headlines, secured top-notch direct partnerships and as a result, the price soared. As a result of this, now they all care. Unbanning these freeloaders and letting them earn of the sweat and hard work of others would be a betrayal of the true Tratok community. Something the team will never do.
  • Accusations that this is to hoard tokens are sour grapes and nonsense as anyone who actually sees what we are doing realises that tokens from disqualified accounts are being shared equally with real supporters. This means Tratok Ltd gives the same amount of tokens out anyway, just this time to fewer people who supported.
  • Accounts who have been banned will NOT be unbanned. Wasting the team’s time by resending documents or making an appeal is pointless. You had months to act but only choose to complain now. We find it very unlikely that 80% of the people who are begging support and claiming they lost their phones or family members months ago are genuine. These tragedies do not seem to have prevented them from selling other tokens for gwei as shown by looking at their wallets.
  • Actions from people have shown we did the right thing. Tratok banned the effective deadweight and the public and smart money saw the wisdom in this and jumped behind the token. Clearly the market sees it as the right move. It has been just over 49 weeks since Tratok’s first-ever airdrop. In this time, the token price has risen from 1 gwei to 2500 gwei, an increase of 249,900%. Clearly we must be doing something right.
  • With that said, we do not care about the token price. With the company wallets (which all can see) not even liquidating a single token as per our pledge in the roadmap, the short term price gains do not benefit the team. We care about the success of Tratok over the next year, the next five years and the next decades. Tratok is here to save the travel and tourism industry from the sick actors who are suffocating growth. We are making travel more accessible and bringing the world closer together. For any business to grow, it has to add value and solve problems. Tratok sets a new standard in this which the blockchain industry needs to learn from. We do things right, when others do not have the courage to do so. 

Tratok, the world’s travel token! Time to change the world!