Time for the third generation smart contract

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In the buildup to our launch of the pilot hotels in Dubai on 18 August (2019), we have requested the exchanges to suspend trading, deposits and withdrawals of Tratok. The new smart contract has successfully completed its security audit and is ready to be deployed with the new required features. The new contract will be deployed within the next five working days (Sunday-Thursday). Holders of Tratok do not need to worry about anything, they will receive the new token in a 1-1 ratio to their new addresses and this measure is being taken simply to reduce complications involved with the swap to a more enhanced and feature-rich smart contract.

Please note, this will be the third iteration of the contract and will not be the final version. As the ecosystem evolves and improves, so to shall the product as we gear towards universal adoption and becoming the world’s travel token. Eventually, as Tratok envisions to migrate to the next evolution in the tourism ecosystem, we envision Tratok’s own smart card being used globally. We will continue to strive towards that. Until then, Rome was not built in a day and we will continue to make the world better, one day at a time. Thank you for the continued support.