Tratok becomes even more efficient with increasing speed, reduced costs and enhanced ease of use

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Before Tratok deploys the next stage there will be a fundamental change in the way the ecosystem operates. This change is being done with simplicity, wide-scale adoption and security as the strongest considerations. It follows the analysis of 3212 surveys from members of the public who were unfamiliar with blockchain technologies. On the back of the insightful results and feedback, Tratok’s payment gateway is changing for simplicity of use with the general public in mind.

The ideal time for this change is the present, as Tratok is about to expand massively and deploy new features into the ecosystem and start marketing itself to the general public. Implementation of this change at a later date would only serve to complicate matters and it is betterer adopted now before the next phase of exponential growth.

Despite astronomical savings in time and money compared to the existing business models, the ecosystems first-generation payment gateway has revealed some shortcomings:

  1. Many of the public struggle with the creation of wallets.

    The old payment gateway
  2. Many issues with people losing their keys or having them stolen have occurred.
  3. Tokens cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  4. Transaction fees for every single transaction.

This is fixed by ensuring clients keep their tokens that they wish to use for travel at their own unique deposit address created by Tratok at signup. This structure offers many advantages:

  1. Instant transactions, not 23 seconds like before.
  2. New users do not need to create a new wallet. One is instantly made for them! This is more convenient for new users.
  3. Full safety of the tokens is guaranteed by Tratok Ltd. 
  4. Booking becomes even easier with true one-click processing.
  5. Avoid paying ETH gas costs for multiple transactions. Only pay a transaction fee when you reload your account. Based on projections of 400,000 bookings per day after Phase 2 of growth, this alone will result in savings of over USD 4.3 million per year for Tratok’s users. In addition, it also prevents cluttering the blockchain network needlessly.
  6. Compatibility with Tratok’s contactless payment card, expected for
    The new and more efficient method further reduces costs, makes processes faster and ensures the security of tokens,

    release at the end of 2020.

  7. Full freedom and the ability to top up or withdraw tokens as desired.

Tratok will continue to pay attention to the industry and keep user-experience and widespread adoption at the top of the priority list. The development team is currently testing this feature and hopes to deploy it before the week reaches its conclusion. We want to maintain our advantage over the competition and ensure this lead keeps on growing. Stay tuned for other major updates in the near future.

To our success,

Tratok Managament