Tratok is an evil entity – The facts that everyone should know!

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With all the rumours coming out of the bot communities and from TOS violating airdrop hunters (who can’t even get the name of the token right), Tratok felt it the duty of the project members to confess that we have committed many “crimes” over the previous year.

We admit that we are evil and confess to the following crimes:

  • The team acknowledges that it was poor form to catch all the cheaters and deal with them. We should have let them rob us blind and steal to their heart’s content. How dare we spend significant amounts of capital and labour to ensure the future of the project, the well being of the ecosystem and protect Tratok’s genuine supporters?
  • The team acknowledges it was evil of us to fund Tratok entirely with seven-figure sums of our own money. This is clearly a scam since the total amount of $0, raised in an ICO that never happened, cannot be accounted for. Clearly someone is enjoying this fortune somewhere. We call on the public to find these scammers and reclaim every cent of the $0 raised in this non-existent token offering!
  • The team should be punished for not rewarding those who broke their agreements as part of the promotion program. How dare we ask others to honour their agreement? We should just give them free money from our own pockets and commit economic suicide.
  • Tratok Ltd should be held accountable for removing those from the community who participated in scams, set up fake chats or masqueraded as members of staff. How dare we protect the interests of the innocent?
  • The team is also guilty of banning registration bots. How dare we put an emphasis on a real community over fake inflated numbers and fake accounts? Our integrity is clearly a crime against humanity.
  • Penultimately, the team is guilty of offering multiple chances and methods of communication to ensure that false positives remained as low as possible. How dare they invest so much effort into caring for the community?
  • Finally, the team is also guilty of having never sold a single token and making their wallet addresses publicly available for the public to see. Shame on these people who are putting the future of the project before their own interests.

With that confession out of the way, let us be clear on a few things:

  • Tratok’s team is ignoring support requests from known scammers and saboteurs. We care about Vision 2020 now, not about wasting time with disreputable members of society. The best advice we can give you is jog on! Neither pleading, not tears nor shouting will redeem you from this. The idea that some of you think you can talk your way out of theft is quite frankly ridiculous.
  • Your blackmail threats to spam on social media and bother our partners are sources of humour to us and we do not negotiate with criminals. Bear in mind, we love retweeting and sharing complaints from cheaters or rule violators. Anyone with an IQ higher than a peach stone can identify the reality of the situation. By doing this you are actually helping Tratok show the world how serious we are and making yourselves the subject of laughter. So please, if this is what you want to do, don’t let us stop you! Just let us know when you do it, so we can help you promote it. We welcome the free publicity. Every time this happens, the smart money asks three questions. 1.) If Tratok is so rubbish, then why are frauds so upset about being caught? 2.) Why did they try to defraud Tratok in the first place? 3.) What is the big deal? This always leads to new members of the community who have smarts, purchasing power and who intend to travel.
  • Finally, there is this wonderful conspiracy theory that this is all done to control prices and reduce token supply. While we applaud those who share this theory for being brave enough to share their illiteracy with their fellow man, we feel a duty to point out two flaws in their logic.  Firstly, Tratok prefers a lower price as this helps initial widespread adoption. We have no problem with and didn’t stop people who instantly dumped for the cheapest rate on day one, provided that they actually didn’t violate the TOS and made only one account. Secondly, and this throws your theory out of the window, Tratok has already openly committed itself to give all confiscated reward tokens to honest participants. For those who are not very skilled with numbers, this basically means the amount in circulation stays the same but rather than going to frauds and leeches, it goes to people who actually deserve it and who care. If you had actually read one of the eight anti-fraud updates since July 2019, you would have known this.

Back to our evil plans of world domination,

The Tratok Team