Ahead of our 25th September launch, the team is actively protecting the ecosystem

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Tratok started with the vision of being the world’s travel token. For this to work, the team’s leadership decided to make Tratok available to widespread adoption and bring the gift of travel to the world. Tratok was given away for free via airdrops. As can be seen from the company wallets (found here), not a single Token held by the company, development team or advisors has ever been liquidated or moved. They cannot be as the custodian, Mohammed Altajir, has these all locked by smart contract functionality and stored on hardware wallets at a bank deposit box.

Naturally, when a project progresses and delivers a product and grows in value as Tratok has, opportunists will attempt to profit from the system via dishonest means. They have picked the wrong privately funded disruptor to try to cheat. The team will continue to adhere to its zero-tolerance policy of fraud regardless of threats, blackmail and consequences. Integrity and the truth are cornerstones of what makes Tratok what it is. As a result, those who broke the rules, showed a lack of respect or trying to defraud the community will find themselves missing out.

In the past, many other projects have banned entire populations from their promotion programs due to high levels of fraud, lack of support and an unwillingness to read. This is because fake support adds zero value. Tratok did not do this believing that if even 1% of a demographic were honest, then they deserved a chance. We stood by this, adhered to it and despite the time, stress and cost of doing this, we are proud to say we did the right thing. Unfortunately, dishonest actors will always remain dishonest and vile natured. and Tratok has given enough chances and enough resources into combating this type of behaviour. Let us be clear on one thing. The team is sanitizing the community from all those acting in bad faith:

  • Multiple accounts.
  • Instant dumpers who spammed the exchanges into opening deposits before the swap was complete.
  • Everyone involved in the fake chat and scamming the public.
  • Everyone who participated in that smear campaign.
  • Every account who sold old tokens after the swap.
  • Everyone who did not read the updates and cause problems by spamming our partners.

For those asking, why the exchanges closed deposits after re-opening, this was not at Tratok’s request and was a consequence of bad actors in the community. The exchanges decided to lock themselves, after supporting the swap and opening simply because many people were frauding the public with older tokens or people were sending old tokens to the exchange. They closed because they got sick and tired of negligent individuals wasting their time with frivolous support requests after failing to do their own research and acting irresponsible.

Those complaining about sending all tokens and lashing out at the exchanges, you are responsible, not them. There is no excuse for a “supporter” missing out on dozens of updates across all social media (which everyone claims to follow) and on the website. In addition, clicking the deposit button without taking the ten seconds to read the exchange notification regarding the update indicates desperation to simple sell as quickly as possible. To protect the community and restore service in a fair way, we are declaring the following:

Swaps will cease to be supported on October 5th 2019. Following this date, the exchanges will open, the wallets of honest actors will be unlocked and our new Top 5 exchange partnership will be announced. We do not wish to allow history to repeat itself and feel this is ample time for all those (who have already had a month) to complete their swap. For those confused on how to do this, instructions can be found here.

On a more positive note, the first pilot guests are arriving in Dubai from the UK on the 25th September to test any teething problems with the Tratok reservation system. Should the process and stakeholder experience pass the quality tests, Tratok will open to the wider public shortly.