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When Tratok Holding Limited was created and acquired the assets of Tratok Limited and Tratok Portal LLC, the new management made a commitment to speed up development, improve the health of the ecosystem and increase community engagement. We are delighted to announce another step forward today by officially listing the Tratok token on BitMart.

BitMart stands as a leading global digital asset trading platform, renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and diverse range of trading pairs. With a strong focus on providing a seamless and secure trading experience, BitMart has garnered a loyal following of traders and investors seeking a reliable platform to engage with digital assets. It qualities such as this that have lead to BitMart being one of the top exchanges on Coinmarketcap as determined by trading volume and trust score.

The listing of Tratok on BitMart is a significant milestone carrying immense implications for the future. This listing opens up new avenues for Tratok to reach a wider audience of blockchain enthusiasts, thereby increasing liquidity and market access for the TRAT token. In addition it allows a significant exposure to new markets in Asia and South America. As a result, this listing is expected to enhance the visibility and credibility of Tratok in the digital asset space, positioning it for accelerated growth and development.

Over the next fiscal quarter, in addition to continuing to ramp up development of the ecosystem and increasing marketing efforts, Tratok will continue to list on more of the top 15 global exchanges. This will be done strategically with an emphasis on penetrating new global markets and increasing the liquidity of the ecosystem.

This development was another step in on our journey to making Tratok the world’s travel token. We thank you all for walking with us and know that you will continue to do so till we reach the finishing line.