Updates for consumers implemented following stakeholder feedback

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  1. One of the core commitments of Tratok is to put great importance on user feedback. We understand that the most important aspect of the ecosystem is the users and will always strive to provide the features that they want.

Last quarter the two most requested features for the social ecosystem plugin were:

  1. The ability to share images on each user’s wall and to share their adventures with their friends on the ecosystem.
  2. To make the inter-user communication module less email-like and more user-friendly.

The Team has agreed that both requests would add significant value and have worked to implement these upgrades into the Tratok Ecosystem.

As of today, users are now able to add galleries to their walls and control the privacy of these. Using our co-founder Mohammed as a test subject; let us showcase this to you below:



With regards to the request for an improved communication system, we have something in the works and will deliver something very special to you all very soon. Stay posted.


The Tratok Team