We have a winner! The results of Tratok Ltd’s competition are in.

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Two weeks ago, we announced a competition to the community in the third edition of our newsletter:

Tratok Ltd is launching a 410,000 TRAT prize competition over the next week. To participate is very easy. Write to inspirations@tratok.net telling us where would be your favourite holiday destination to visit using Tratok and why. Please do not forget to include your wallet address in your response.

The team will review the responses and vote for their favourites. The top 10 will be featured on Tratok.com and will receive prizes as follows:

  1. 200,000 TRAT
  2. 100,000 TRAT
  3. 50,000 TRAT
  4. 25,000 TRAT
  5. 10,000 TRAT
  6. 5,000 TRAT
  7. 5,000 TRAT
  8. 5,000 TRAT
  9. 5,000 TRAT
  10. 5,000 TRAT

The team received a total of 912 entrants to the competition and it was honestly a daunting task to select the best. However, after much deliberation, the team have voted on the winners of the competition. As promised their entries are published below. Please note that all entries are in their original format and as Tratok is a global program with a global user base, for many of the users, English is not their mother tongue.

First place, Yulchick E:

“Good day! It happened so that in my life I traveled only in my own country. Other cities and countries I saw only in the pictures. Looking through these pictures I have always dreamed, imagined myself in one place or another. And here is one such dream for me: a trip to Prague. This dream is especially clear in the winter, because the atmosphere of the New Year holidays reigns in Prague. Snow covers the spiers of castles and tiled roofs, covers trees in parks, people are having fun on the streets – the spirit of fairy tales and romance hovers in Prague. Winter can clearly convey the soul of any city. But now I only dream about it :)”

This is inspirational for many reasons. Not only the beauty of the description but also the fact that it is somebody’s dream. With Tratok’s vision of making travel more accessible, we aspire to help many like Yulchick make their dreams a reality.

Second place, Faouzi F:

“My favorite holiday destination to visit using Tratok would be Malaysia. This is really a paradise on earth with the most beautiful people I have ever met. This was also the destination of our honeymoon and our first vacation to Asia. We have three kids now and I hope Tratok will provide us with an opportunity to repeat this experience we will never forget with our three little princesses again soon.:)”

Creating memories and magical family moments is one of the key purposes of travel. Go and have a great time Faouzi.

Third place, Breitenstein K:

“My first booking with your platform would be a luxery cruise on the mediterranean sea with the first class ship Seven Seas Voyager.
Starting with a business flight to Barcelona where the journey would start. On the  ship, I would like to stay in a penthouse siute of the luxery class.This would be a woulderful basis to travel and to discover all most interresting spots around the mediterranean sea such as Marseille, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Firenze up to Venice, where the trip would  find an end. There, I would stay a few days in the City of love together with my Sweetheart.”

Knowing where you want to go, doing it in style and throwing romance into the picture. How can this competition entrant not be a contender?

Fourth place, Anak D:

“I want to send my parents to leave for Hajj using the money that I get from airdrop coin, especially tratok coins.”

This is simply beautiful. Travel is more than about just enjoyment and this reminds our team of the importance of spirituality. The team would be honoured if our product can enable and facilitate religious travel and pilgrimages for peoples of all faiths and help them achieve their lifelong dreams. While this isn’t the only entry which mentioned pilgrimage, we admire the fact that it is selfless and considers others.

Fifth place, Dian:

“Hi, i am Dian From Indonesia. Its nice to take part in this competition. I hope Tratok LTD always be a successfull project in future. If you ask me where my favorite destination by using tratok it must be in Indonesia, why?? You already know that 🙂 There are so many destination spots that you can visit every day, even if you visit different place every day it will take a lot of time to visit all, of course from many place there are 1 best destination
Of all, where is it??
It Called ” RAJA AMPAT ”
Even i cant express with words about how beautiful this place, just visiting Raja Ampat You Will get more than 10 extraordinary places. 1 place milion miracle :))
You can Put Raja Ampat into the list of ” Places that you must visit before you die ” hahahahah
The best thing i really admire about this place because its still natural and of course far from city life so you can enjoy your life With natural beauty. I hope this is also your Favorite Destination too .Sorry for my Bad English”

How can you not love this? Even though it is not her first language, she tried so hard and paints a beautiful picture with her words. Consider Raja Ampat added into the places we will visit.

The other winners:

Thomas F:

“Dear Tratok Team!

Using Tratok, I would book me a trip through Myanmar. It would be a combination of a tour (partially on a riverboat) to visit those fantastic spots like Bagan or Bago. Having a balloon ride over the rain forrest to see the temples is one of my dreams. The second part would be a relaxing stay in a luxery hotel to enjoy the beautyful sea and the beach.

Those temples are realy breath taking for me. And the beach is a white dream there. Don’t forget their outstanding traditions and the Special Food. It’s simply a dream!”

Culture, adventure, food and relaxation. Take us with you!

Lina B:

“Since I was a kid I always wanted to Travel and explore the world one day. But there was one specific country that stood out, and I chose it as the first country I ever wanted to visit as I was amazed by its natural beauty, that country is Canada. As we all know Canada is one of the most beautiful country on Earth with its beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, Lakes and weather. And Ofcourse not to forget how friendly the people are there with Different races, cultures and religions. But yes, I know these things only by watching TV/Documentaries. As time passed by I have been saving money hoping to make this dream come true one day. So far I have managed to save for the Flight Ticket and with the help of winning the Tratok Competition then maybe my dream will not take long to turn into a reality. We All Can Dream, But very few of us has the opportunity of turning our dreams into reality.”

Let’s make that dream a reality together. Just be sure to send us a postcard when it happens!

Wanda E:

“I want to visit Istanbul, Turkey. Because Istanbul is the center of the economy, culture and history in Turkey. Istanbul is also known as Constantinople and Byzantine. There are many popular icons that you can meet in this city. One of the most famous is the Blue Mosque. Hopefully with Tratok I can go there. Thanks.”

This was one of the more original submissions and earns its place due to being different from the more frequent “paradise island” entries.

Ahmad A:

“I have a dream go to Mekah and madinah. Nothing i can tell you about my dream. This come from my deep hearth..Sorry my english is not very good”

Because sometimes we are all lost for words. Maybe you cannot explain it, but we feel where you are coming from. It’s amazing how sometimes fewer words have a greater impact.

Congratulations to all the winners. Your prizes will be distributed to you on 10 November 2018.