With a stonger community, Vision 2020 becomes even stronger!

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Tratok has always promised the community that it would never accept fraudulent or malicious behaviour. Such criminal behaviour not only wastes time and resources but also hurts the image of projects by the use of spambots. In the final purge before the team goes ahead with Vision 2020, our team worked in conjunction with IpQuality score and other NSA grade security tools to rid the community once and for all from these undesirable elements. At the 99% confidence interval, bans were issued for the following (a combination of at least three in 94% of all cases):

  • Those found to be bot accounts. (Instant Ban)
  • Those found to have multiple of their registered social media accounts suspended.
  • Those found to have registered multiple accounts. (Instant Ban)
  • Those who failed to respond to a personalized email asking for an explanation on their situation.
  • Those whose emails were found in a global abuse database.
  • Those found selling obsolete TRAT from the previous generation on DEXs following their autoswap.

Let us now share some statistics for the purpose of transparency:

  • A total of 55,588,895.75556 TRATOK was purged from 1580 dishonest users who held a combined 2021 accounts.
  • Each wallet was left 0.00001 TRAT. This will serve them as a reminder of their malicious deeds, mistakes and sins and hopefully in a few cases might influence individuals to see that honesty is a better approach, especially as they see Tratok progress over the next year.

Why do we take such a strong stance against this?

We take this approach, because everyone should. Or at least anyone who cares about their project’s success should. Fraud and abuse are among the biggest problems in the industry. Whether it is dishonest people who conduct fraudulent ICOs, exchanges who fake their volumes or people stealing airdrops and wallets, this is a plague on the industry. It has not only made many lose trust and hurt widespread adoption, but it has also hurt legitimate projects. Thankfully, new laws and regulations are putting an end to this criminal behaviour and we are starting to see the law throw its full force at such despicable actions. 

A significant amount of money was spent by Tratok’s private funders to give this gift to the world. After investing so much of OUR own money into trying to change the world for the better, we will never accept people stealing from us and therefore did everything to stop this. The following did not pay for itself, we had to pay for it:

  • Development Costs.
  • Office Costs.
  • Staff Salaries.
  • Licenses.
  • Travel Costs.
  • Legal Fees.
  • Duties.

Now let us be clear on a few things just so that there are no misunderstandings. There have been a total of no less than 47 warnings about following the Terms of Service and not committing fraud. There is no excuse for breaking these and no redemption for those who have violated the terms of the project. Putting your own greed and attempts to steal at the expense of others who have committed 24 months of their working lives and millions of dollars into the development of this project is inexcusable. You will not be forgiven and your complaints will not be entertained. You had your chance and you missed it, you were too short-sighted and focused on ill-gotten gains and not real value. In addition, the team will not allow those who worked so hard to engage in criminal behaviour to reap the rewards of the community’s hard work, especially after these individuals took so much time to try and sabotage Tratok. The best thing you can do going forward is to apply your skill sets and intellect to something constructive to technology and progress and not fraud and destruction. 

To the remaining 6000 legitimate holders of Tratok, we can finally close the chapter on fighting fraud and proceed with Vision2020, the latest roadmap shared with all of you last week. Without this negativity, we will proceed to be stronger and supporting each other, we will work towards accomplishments over the next twelve months that will eclipse everything that has been achieved thus far. The market, partners and users will decide with their actions whether they agree with Tratok’s zero tolerance for fraud in the coming weeks. We are confident that they will appreciate the correct decision made. Integrity over dishonesty!

Best Regards,

Tratok Executive Management.