With the Alpha Platform released 7 months ahead of schedule, Tratok’s custodian has a message for the community.

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As project custodian, I wanted to take a moment to collectively write to the many of you who have volunteered as Beta Testers. First of all, please allow me to thank you for your time and let you know a little bit more about Tratok Ltd’s ambitions going forward.

These have been difficult times for the industry overall. However, despite these conditions, Tratok has flourished. TRAT has gone against the grain of the market to realize consistent gains which the token has held onto. As a result of these gains, the market capitalization has risen from $800,000 to $10,000,000 USD since the token began trading. This is in contrast with the rest of the industry which has fallen an average of 65% during the same period. Numbers and facts are usually the strongest evidence to go on and such a performance is a testament to the strength of our community and the real world potential of this project.

Earlier this year, Tratok was mocked and overlooked due to the project commencing in a very untraditional way compared to the industry. The team’s transparency, refusal to attempt to raise public funding in an ICO and refusal to bribe experts and crooked exchanges for favourable treatment lead many “experts” to declare the project a would be a failure. I guess those self-proclaimed experts should consider another profession because clearly, their misjudgment makes the flat-world theory look like justified science at this point.

I ask you all to keep the core values of Tratok Ltd in mind as we go forward. We must ensure that as a community, we maintain our principles of integrity, transparency and doing the right thing. These principles have ensured we have been able to dance while the while the industry has had their legs and back broken and I have no doubt that they continue to drive us forward to our goal of disrupting the travel and tourism industry.

It is with this disruption in mind at I am delighted to release the first iteration of the prototype web platform. However, before you review it, I wish you to carefully consider the following:

  1. The product features only 4% of its functionality. Going forward, there will continue to be daily updates. Many of you will look at the current iteration and conclude that it is already head and shoulders above existing contemporaries in terms of features and ease of use. Please do not set the bar too low. We have an excellent development team working constantly to deliver the most complete platform possible and we want to keep the pressure on them to ensure that they do themselves justice.
  2. The primary focus is to show proof of capability, proof of the platform’s foundation and obtain feedback on ease of use and features. Beautification will be refined later. Indeed it is the intention to change the look of the site almost weekly, in line with national holidays, festivities etc and it was with this in mind that such a modular design was chosen.
  3. Since the current demo is focused on feedback, load, etc. We have not included KYC or property verification. This will be done in January when we actually turn on the payment gateway with the new smart contract. Hence do not worry, since no payments will be processed through at the moment, we are not worried about fictional properties being listed.
  4. The Development Team put emphasis on enabling individuals to list their properties in the first iteration as decentralization empowers them most of all and doing so enables those with property space to list it, rent it and make travel more accessible to all. This is something that is important in empowering millennials and/or those with more limited budgets to travel more, something we will always strive to do.
  5. The alpha in its current iteration is designed for PC browser-based platforms. Please bear this in mind. We have separate developments for Android and Apple.
  6. Have fun. List properties, no matter how fictional, post on each other’s walls, message each other and just let us see what problems are encountered, which features people like and which they feel need improvement.

Thank you all again for your time,

Mohammed Altajir

P.s. Our development team has started emailing the beta link around the community. Please be patient until you receive yours.