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In our last update for the social module plugin for the ecosystem, the Team had promised the userbase an improved method of communication following their feedback. The Team is delighted to announce that we have now delivered on this promise and implemented this functionality into the ecosystem for all users of the Tratok Travel APP and Tratok Travel PWA.

Introducing TratChat, a lightweight, secure and privacy compliant chat application that is built into the ecosystem to allow communication between all users in real-time. The functionality of TratChat will bring our users multiple benefits:

  1. It will increase social interaction between users and encourage the making of friends all around the world.
  2. It will enhance communication between clients and service providers, reducing misunderstands and ensuring more complete information and a better experience during the booking process.

But that is not all. In order to make the app as user-friendly as possible, the Team has leveraged and custom-trained AI and ML technology built in conjunction with linguists and data scientists at MIT to allow instant business-level translation between users of 22 different languages. We are very proud of this feature as it fits with our priorities of widening access to the hospitality industry as well as enhancing the overall user experience.

Update Mary 2022: We invite you to see it in action below:



The Team would like to thank the community for its feedback and recommendations that gave us the inspiration to implement such features and we encourage you to continue giving constructive feedback on features you would like improved or added. We take all such feedback into consideration and do appreciate it.

More features and news to come soon,

The Tratok Team